Dulce de leche


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Salted caramel ingredients: milk, sugar, vanilla extract, salt.
Rum butter ingredients: milk, sugar, butter, rum extract, salt.
Chocolate mint ingredients: milk, sugar, coco, mint extract.

Dulce de Leche is the ultimate temptress, a sweet caramel-like sauce that is perfectly stirred into coffee, drizzled on sweets, enjoyed straight off of a spoon.When first opened it is a bit like custard consistency and easy to spread. Refrigerate after opening. It will become dense caramel. Bring to room temperature or heat until warm before drizzling on your delight. If left over a long time, the sugar may start to crystallize, simply heat and stir and the sugar will integrate back into the caramel.


Dulce de leche: salted caramel, Dulce de leche: chocolate mint, Dulce de leche: rum butter, Dulce de leche: Dairy Free