Pasta: Campanelle


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Ingredients: 80% eincorn, 20% spelt

Ancient Grain flour, Local, organic, non-GMO, small batch handmade

Each pasta is created in small batches by hand in Toronto using a custom blend of 100% whole grain flours grown and milled within 100 kms of Toronto.

Unlike pastas made from conventional Durum wheat that has had most of the wheat germ and bran removed, this pasta is made from 100% whole grain which means all of the flavour and all of the nutrition inherent in the ancient grain remains in the pasta. Making this a flavourful, nutrient dense food that is easy to digest, even for those who typically struggle with gluten sensitivities.

We use custom blends using only ancient grains like Einkorn, Emmer, Kamut and Spelt that have never been genetically modified or sprayed with chemical fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides that are killing the bees or poisoning our food supplies. It’s just wholesome, nutritious and delicious food, the way it was meant to be. A little goes a long way, leaving you feeling fully satisfied for longer.