Seeds: Microgreens and sprouts


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Grow your own sprouts or microgreens at home with our certified organic/non-GMO seeds! Seed packets contain the optimal quantity of seeds for a 10″ x 10″ microgreen tray or sufficient for a large vegetable garden if you’re growing outdoors.


Seed: Coriander, Seed: Mustard, Yellow, Seed: Mustard: Tat Soi, Seed: Mustard: Red mizuna, Seed: Mellow mix: Broccoli raab, Crimson clover, Purple kohlrabi microgreens, Seed: Peas, Sugar, Seed: Peas, Speckled, Seed: Peas, green, Seed: Radish, Triton, Seed: Radish, Daikon, Seed: Radish, Ruby Red Stem, Seed: Radish, Big Purple, Seed: Salad Mix: Peas, Buckwheat, Sunflower and Fava beans, Seed: Wheatgrass, Spring, Seed: Wheatgrass, Winter