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I make a very small batch of herb mixes that I create out of what grows in my garden that summer. Each year it is a bit different. When my supply runs out – that's it!!! No chemicals used , I know exactly how the were grown because I babied the wee plants till I harvested them.

Powdered Microgreens, Garden Herbs & Sea Salt

Ingredients: sea salt, rosemary, microgreen powder (Pea, radish, broccoli, mustard, clover, kohlrabi), basil, sage, thyme, mint, oregano

Green Goddess Marinating Rub

The power or nutrient dense microgreen with garden grown herbs, and seasonings to dry rub marinate your meats.

Small artisan batch.

Green Goddess Herbed Sea Salt

Finish your dish with a sprinkling of Vancouver sea salt, nutrient dense microgreen powder and garden grown herbs.

Small artisan batch.


RUB: Green Goddess Marinating Rub, SALT: Green Goddess Herbed Sea Salt


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