Glasshouse greens puts its heart and soul into creating great food for you.

Glasshouse Greens

Owned by Sarah Skinner and operated out of grow space in Leslieville Toronto.

Sarah Skinner has a long history of movement instruction and performance (A library of Belly Dance instructional DVDs are available). Ballroom dance teacher, Pilates teacher. Sarah suffered a serious injury and starting thinking about what other avenues would compliment her phylosophies and love of gardening. Microgreens are a perfect fit! She started up her business during the pandemic.  

We look forward to sharing this healthy food grown with love and caring with you.


Pesticide free

With our organic growing methods, we don’t need to add any harmful chemicals, or pesticides. Pure pH balanced water along with organic fertilizers.

resource lite

Natural hemp fibre that is composted. We use special energy efficient LED grow lights.Urban farming uses 40% less water than conventional farming.​