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Quilted potholders bring back that feeling of being in your mom’s kitchen while she is baking cookies and pies or making dinner. These homemade trivet hot pads will add color and safety to any kitchen and bring back those memories. The pot holders can be hung in your kitchen with the attached loop to add color and convenience when you need to grab something from the oven.

With these colorful hotpads it will bring a touch of country and brightness to any kitchen. Each one will be unique to the fabrics used and placement of fabric. Use them for removing items from your oven, on your table to protect it from hot pans, or on the counter as a trivet.

**Gift ideas for: Christmas, Stocking Stuffers, Mother’s Day, Housewarming, Wedding, Bridal Shower, Teachers, Birthday, First Apartments, College Graduations, Grandparents

**Size and Materials**

Each pot holder measures approximately 8” x 9” (some have an attached hanging loop)

Because these items are handmade, measurements and cuts of fabric may vary slightly. Made with 100% cotton fabric, thread, a layer of Insul Bright to keep your hands and table safe.

Every potholder is unique, one of a kind, small batch. backs are different on each one as well. That’s what makes these so unique!

 Colorful Pot Holder, Hot Pad for the Kitchen Quilted, Fabric Potholder, Patchwork Potholder, Kitchen Essential

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**Care Instructions**

*Machine washable in cold water. Dry on low heat or air dry.

*Because of the Insul Bright metallic batting – DO NOT USE IN MICROWAVE!!

*Do not use around open flames. Potholders are heat resistant but not fireproof.


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