Pesto, Microgreens


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Glasshouse Greens pesto is a customer favorite! Customers come back week after week for it. It goes so wonderful on so many dishes making them not only delicious but powerfully nutritious. From using it as a sandwich garnish to putting on pasta, potato dishes, and more!

Broccoli Pesto really benefits from the freezing process. It increases the sulforaphane (cancer fighting agents) in broccoli. read more about it here:

The classic pesto has basil, olive oil, garlic, cheese and pine nuts. Strictly speaking, pesto is a generic term for anything that is made by pounding. Glasshouse greens creates pesto by capturing microgreens at their height of nutrient power and preserves it in olive oil (an unsaturated fat that may have heart health benefits). Glasshouse greens often adds garlic, yet another nutritional power house (read more here: Glasshouse greens mostly stays away from adding cheese and nuts to the mix due to so many clients having allergies to these products. But pesto is created in a facility that does have nuts, wheat and dairy. We do our best to keep it separate. They are ingredients that are easily added into your meal if they are things you enjoy to eat. And this way our clients can add fresh grated cheese on top!


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