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Powdered Microgreen blend- All grown using organic practices

INGREDIENTS: Pea shoots, radish, mustard, broccoli

$40 – 16g (in a 125 size mason jar)

40 servings per bottle | 16g total weight per bottle

One 1/4 tsp serving (0.4g) = over one large handful of fresh microgreens.

Glass jar

Resealable air-tight lid

100% Microgreens

$1 per serving

About Our Blend

This is our all-purpose powdered microgreen blend. Our finely powdered microgreens are especially great in drinks like water, coffee, tea, juices, and smoothies – as well as sprinkled on your favorite foods, or added to recipes. It has a mild savory flavor that compliments anything – even your water bottle during or after a workout. A little goes a long way, with only 1/4 teaspoon required per serving (equivalent to one full USDA serving of leafy greens). Our microgreens are contained in amber, UV protected, reusable & recyclable glass bottles for the highest purity and nutrient retention.


How To Use Our Powdered Microgreens:

– Smoothies

(love fruit smoothies but hate green smoothies- add micorgreen powder to achieve the same nutrition but skip the grassy flavor!)

– Salt Replacement On Your Table

— add an umami flavor to your dishes

– Salads

– Salad Dressings

– Breads and Baked Goods

– Desserts (brownies, carrot cake, etc.)

– Dissolves easily in Drinks, Water bottles, etc.

– After Workout Recovery Drinks

– Add To Tea or Coffee

– Eggs

– Oatmeal

– Kids Lunches & Food

– Baby Food

– Camping Food

– Rub or sprinkle on Meat, Fish, Tofu, or Other Proteins